"I am from Syria... Save me!" A Social Media Campaign that matters!

It was the time of Pokémon Go- everybody was crazy about it. I was in Singapore for the first leg of my MBA, and most of my peers were engrossed in catching Pokémons- at absurd places, during crazy hours. However, I wasn’t, I just played Two Dots- rarely, I was mostly online, reading, trying to understand the rapidly changing marketing landscape. It was then when I came across this campaign that was shared by Revolutionary Forces of Syria.

#Syria was one trend that I followed on social media.  And once during a casual browsing, I landed on this picture.


I then followed the handle @RFS_mediaoffice, to discover more.

It was a Twitter campaign that leveraged the popularity of the mobile app Pokémon Go. The message was simple: Not just Pokémon, there are Syrian children as well, waiting to be discovered- saved. The campaign went viral- so much that it was covered my many global news channels.

I was awed by the creativity of the person who came up with the content so unique and so relevant.  As I researched more, I discovered that this Twitter campaign took inspiration from a Facebook campaign. Here is a brief interview with its designer.


Such campaigns are important in increasing awareness about the Syrian crisis. Because the Media forgets; these children, their stories aren’t News anymore, as they aren’t new, they have become a part of status-quo, and status-quo is not newsworthy. Such campaigns are important because they nudge and wake the world up to see a harsh reality that is persisting for years- a reality that should not.

I had a Professor, who would say, “May you become the best marketer, and not market soap, shampoo, and oil- but the ideas that matter and would affect the world positively.” His words and such campaigns are definitely inspiring & worth ruminating on.